Managing the Waterfall of Tweets – Using Twitter Lists

Turning the key
Turning the key

If you have a large following on Twitter, you already know that trying to read every tweet is a full time job. Inevitably there will be some people that you interact with more than others and you probably want to pull their tweets out of the flow more easily. The way to achieve this is to create a Twitter List.

Creating a List in Tweetdeck

As previously described, (Better) Tweetdeck is my preferred Twitter monitoring tool on a PC.

To create a new List

Click on the images below to expand them.

  1. Click on the + icon on the left hand barPlus
  2. Click Lists

    Select Lists
  3. Select Create List

    Create List step 3
    Create a new list
  4. If you have multiple Twitter accounts,select the account you wish to associate the List with
  5. Give the List a name and Description
  6. Choose whether you want the list to be
    • Public – people know that you have added them to the List and they can see who else is included

      Name list
      Set the list properties
    • Private – for your eyes only!
  7. Add accounts to your list

    Populate List
    Populate the list
  8. Once created you can set this as a column in Tweetdeck so that only Tweets from accounts in that list are shown in that column

    List as a column
    List as a column in Tweetdeck
  9. As you can see, we maintain a list of Berkshire Masonic Twitter accounts. If you wish to subscribe to this list:
    • Click on Lists when viewing our Twitter profile.
    • Select the BerksMasonic list.
    • From the list page, click Subscribe to follow the list. You can follow lists without following the individual users in that list.

Using the List in Twitter App on your phone

  1. At the bottom of the app tap the Me icon
  2. At the top of the screen tap the Gear Icon
  3. Select Lists from the menu that pops up
  4. You can now use your new list on your phone.

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