Tweet when your audience is listening – When is that?

Turning the key
Turning the key

Tweets fall into two categories:

  1. Tweets that are part of a conversation with your followers – they happen in the moment and then are gone.
  2. Tweets where you are trying to start a conversation or promote content on your website.

Tweets in the first category are time sensitive because they are in the “now”, they are part of a real time conversation and so both reader and writer are online at the same time.

Tweets from the second category, however, are often scheduled and as such you need to predict the best time to find your audience online. This post discusses how you discover the best time to tweet and then how you optimise your tweeting schedule. After all, we cannot spend our lives on Social Media, there is a day job, right?

This is the second post in a series, the first describes how to schedule your tweets.


Tweriod is a web-based analysis tool that will allow you to analyse up to 1,000 followers for free. At the time of writing the @HungerfordLodge account had just over a thousand followers, this therefore is ideal. Should you have more than one thousand  followers, you can either assume that analysing one thousand will give you a good guide, or you will need to purchase a premium plan based on the number of accounts you need to sample.

How does it work?

Tweriod accesses your account’s followers from Twitter and analyses their last 200 tweets. This data is then used to generate a report on when they tweet during the day.

How do you use it?

You authorise Tweriod to gain access to your Twitter account and select the analysis (free or paid) that you wish to receive. This analysis will take a period of time, after which Tweriod will notify you that your results are in. You then sign back into Tweriod and review the results.

So what next?

For me, the beauty of the Tweriod application is that it is integrated with Buffer and as regular readers of this blog will know, I am a big fan of Buffer. There is a button on the analysis page that lets you sync your BufferApp schedule with your Tweriod results.

Sync to Buffer

The free plan allows you to analyse your followers once a month, which is probably enough for most of us. If you are in a big corporate with thousands of followers you will probably have the funds to pay for the premium analysis options anyway. Premium plans start from $3.99 per month for up to 4,999 followers. There does not appear to be an annual pricing strategy.


Followerwonk is a web-based social media analytics tool that will enable you to  better understand your followers or indeed those of any Twitter account you nominate. It offers much more than activity analysis:

  • Mapped follower locations – like Tweepsmap
  • Active hours of the nominated account’s Followers
  • Active hours of the nominated account
  • Word clouds based on the biographies of the account’s followers
  • Inferred gender
  • and many more.
Map showing followed Twitter accounts
Map showing followed Twitter accounts

It also has an integration with Buffer to enable you to inject your new schedule in the same way as Tweriod.

Followerwonk is a tool within the Moz stable and is primarily targeted at the enterprise market with annual fees for the cheapest plan at $237.

Why do I do any of this?

The combination of Tweriod and Buffer allow me to:

  • Compose and schedule content – Tweets, Facebook and Google+ posts
  • Publish content when my audience is listening
  • Put the content together when I have the time rather than during my work day
  • Spread my content through the day rather than flooding it out in the fifteen minutes that I have to do it

Hopefully, by using the tools and writing blog posts about what I am doing, I can keep my audience engaged and broaden the reach of this site beyond the world’s oldest social network (Freemasonry) and into the mainstream.

If this helps one more person understand what Freemasonry is really all about and persuades them to join then I have surpassed my goal.

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Author: Hungerford Lodge

A Lodge of Freemasons meeting 8 times a year in the Newbury Masonic Centre. 3rd Tuesday September, October, November (Installation), February, March, April, May & 2nd Tues December. Consecrated September 1925.

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