Pimlico Lodge and the Noble 600

On 5th September, Hungerford Lodge member Ken Phillips and a troupe of guests including myself, visited the Pimlico Lodge no 1772, which meets at the Royal National Hotel near Russell Square in London. We were there to hear Ken present a talk on the members of the Pimlico Lodge who were among the Noble 600. You can read some of Ken’s biographies in our Entertainer Freemason series.

The Noble 600 is the name given to the 600 people who each gave £2 10s 0d in 1911 (approximately £205 today) to pay off the mortgage on Brinsworth House which would serve as a retirement home for “old performers of both sexes”.

As Ken pointed out in his presentation, there were a number of illustrious names in the 600 who could pay the entire sum by themselves. However, the idea was to make it a group effort to avoid it being portrayed as an individual act of benevolence.

In total, twenty four of the Noble 600 were members of the Pimlico Lodge, including Ken’s great grandfather John Egington, known professionally as Jack Lotto. Jack was instrumental in the formation of the Grand Order of Water Rats becoming Rat no 2.

Another member of this illustrious group was Harry Barnard, who went on to be a founding member of the Lord Desborough Lodge no 3200 which originally met in Maidenhead, but now meets in Sindlesham.

The Pimlico Lodge members and guests sat listening intently to Ken’s presentation on each member, with the Secretary taking down particulars when Ken enlightened him that several had joined the Lodge using their professional rather than birth names. The Secretary joked that he would write to each brother to admonish them for their wrong doing.

(L to R) Keith Wrate, Ken Phillips, Alan Ware

Among Ken’s supporters were Alan Ware MBE who describes himself as having a lifelong interest in theatre and variety and is a member of the Friends of Water Rats and Keith Wrate, the great grandson of William Arthur Rhodes, professionally known as Arthur Forrest. Arthur was initiated in to Pimlico Lodge in August 1891, six months before Ken’s great grandfather Jack Lotto. Arthur was Water Rat no 7.

Author: Hungerford Lodge

A Lodge of Freemasons meeting 8 times a year in the Newbury Masonic Centre. 3rd Tuesday September, October, November (Installation), February, March, April, May & 2nd Tues December. Consecrated September 1925.

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