Meet the Freemasons in your community 11th and 12 November – Event Cancelled

Please note that this event has been cancelled. If you would like more information about Freemasonry, please feel free to browse this site.


If you watched the Sky One documentary “Inside the Freemasons” and wanted to know more about the Freemasons in your community, there is an opportunity over the Remembrance weekend (November 11th and 12th). Men and women from the male and female Masonic Lodges that meet at the Newbury Masonic Centre will be available to answer your questions and even take you on a tour of the Masonic Centre itself.

The team will be in Northbrook Street near Camp Hopson, the founders of which were both Newbury Masons.

Everybody is welcome and there will be people on hand to answer your questions, to talk to you about the work we do in the community, the criteria for joining and even what members feel that they get out of being a Freemason – it may surprise you.

Author: Hungerford Lodge

A Lodge of Freemasons meeting 8 times a year in the Newbury Masonic Centre. 3rd Tuesday September, October, November (Installation), February, March, April, May & 2nd Tues December. Consecrated September 1925.

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