All hail the King

Masters of the Hungerford Lodge are getting used to a regular stream of initiations. Chris, our current Master has overseen the introduction of four new members since the turn of the year. It would have been five, but one candidate had to postpone due to pressures of work.

Each candidate is treated to a high-class ceremony with the “troops” well drilled by Chris and his right-hand man and Director of Ceremonies, Gilbert. Chris has encouraged his team to take sections of the ceremony and really hone them so that the delivery is as close to perfection as a man can get. Each time Chris stretches himself by taking on more of the ceremony himself, standing in for any member of the team that cannot make it on the evening.

Tony King
Welcome Tony!

On this occasion, we welcomed Tony King to our fraternity and we look forward to him playing his part in the continued growth of this thriving Lodge. Tony joins Tristan, Andrew and Alex who have joined the Lodge this year. They come from a variety of backgrounds, which is one of the joys of Freemasonry, that we meet people from all walks of life, always on the same level. We are all brothers seeking to make ourselves the best human being that we can be through a series of dramatic plays that teach us about life in general and ourselves in particular. We have a lot of fun at the meal after each meeting with jokes and friendly banter as well as fundraising via a raffle.

Our candidates are visibly moved by the power of the initiation ceremony, none more so than Tristan in February. However, we take care to ensure that each candidate is put at ease and that the ceremony is explained by means of the Preamble. The Preamble is a piece of ritual that has been lost from the Emulation ritual but has been delivered in our Lodge for decades. It is worked slightly differently in each Lodge that delivers it due to its omission from the standard ritual texts.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, but are waiting to be invited, please consider this your invitation. All you need to do to start the joining process is to ask us but please recognise that Freemasonry is about giving back to society, it is not a business network or a way to get a pay rise.

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Author: Hungerford Lodge

A Lodge of Freemasons meeting 8 times a year in the Newbury Masonic Centre. 3rd Tuesday September, October, November (Installation), February, March, April, May & 2nd Tues December. Consecrated September 1925.

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