Installation Night

Chris Coyle installed his successor, Andrew Holmes, with both delivering a mastery of the ritual that was a joy to behold.

As the dust settles after another Installation meeting, we get to draw breath and reflect on the evening. It was a magnificent meeting with some of the finest ritual the Lodge has seen. Andrew Holmes, or as we now refer to him Worshipful Brother Professor Andrew Holmes, was installed by his predecessor Chris Coyle.

It was, however, an evening tinged with sadness as we started the evening by standing to remember Nigel Ludlow who was Master of the Lodge for two consecutive years in the mid-1980s. More recently he had served as the Lodge Chaplain, offering prayers during both the ceremonial and festive gatherings. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nigel’s father, Peter, as well as Nigel’s partner and his children.

Once the Installation got underway, it was obvious to all that Chris had spent many hours learning the ritual as he installed Andrew with sincerity and feeling. It is a true feat of memory to be able to deliver that much ritual in the way that Chris did. It is never easy and in front of sixty people it can be nerve wracking. 

Andrew too had done his homework and appointed and invested his team for the year in a calm and unflustered way. They both surely impressed the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Julian Pacey and his retinue.

It was also great to see the talent coming up through the ranks as we have Light Blues, or those Freemasons who have yet to be Master of the Lodge, from Junior Warden to Inner Guard. Our new Junior Warden, Marc Cox is one of our youngest members, but I am sure his father, Peter, is immensely proud of his rapid progression. 

With the ceremonial part of the evening complete, the members retired to the Newbury branch of the Royal British Legion where they were treated to a meal of tomato soup, roast beef and all of the trimmings followed by an excellent cheese board.

All of this put the members and guests in a very generous mood and this was reflected in the number of raffle tickets sold. The proceeds of the raffle will benefit the Lodge Benevolent Association and no doubt in time, the Berkshire 2023 Festival.

Author: Hungerford Lodge

A Lodge of Freemasons meeting 8 times a year in the Newbury Masonic Centre. 3rd Tuesday September, October, November (Installation), February, March, April, May & 2nd Tues December. Consecrated September 1925.

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