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The information, text, graphics, and links provided herein are provided by the Hungerford Lodge no 4748 as a convenience to its members and those viewing the Website.

The Hungerford Lodge no 4748 does not warrant the accuracy, or completeness of the information, text, links, or other items contained on this website, server or any other website or server.

While the Hungerford Lodge no 4748 provides the information on this server to anyone, we retain copyright on our original text and graphic images.

Therefore, you may not: distribute the Hungerford Lodge no 4748’s original text, graphics, or documents to others without express prior permission of the Hungerford Lodge no 4748; include or ‘mirror’ this information on your own server, website, or documents without express prior permission of the Hungerford Lodge no 4748; modify or re-use the text or graphics on this system without express prior permission of the Hungerford Lodge no 4748.

You are permitted to print copies of the information for your own personal use; store the files on your own computer for your personal use only; reference hypertext documents on this server from your own documents.

You may also re-blog items from the Turning the Key blog using the re-blogging technology.

Should you wish to request permission to reuse any of this information please use this form to contact us. You should wait for confirmed permission before reusing the information. The exception to this is the re-blogging approach.
Hungerford Lodge no 4748 reserves all other rights.


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