What does it cost?

As with all organisations, annual fees are expected of members but these are reasonably priced. Our annual membership fee is £120 for 2022 -23. There are also additional costs associated with the Festive Board, this is typically £22 per evening which buys a three course meal (drinks are extra).

You will also be expected to buy certain items of clothing (dark suit and black or Provincial tie) as well as items known as regalia. Regalia can often be bought “pre-loved”. Prospective Masons fortunate enough to have relatives that can provide regalia, are encouraged to wear this as it keeps up the family tradition. Many Masons, on becoming Master of their Lodge, will put away their Master Mason’s apron for a future generation to wear.

There is also an expectation of contributions to charitable funds but it is stressed that these are according to a member’s means. Again, no one should undertake membership which may adversely affect his family, employment or any other non-Masonic commitments.