Newbury Open Day and PSA Testing

Open Day Poster 2019The six Lodges meeting at the Newbury Masonic Centre will be hosting an Open Day on Saturday 9th March from 10am until 3pm. The Centre will be open to the public and it is hoped many will take the opportunity to visit and ask questions. It is also a good opportunity to show wives and partners where we meet and let them know more about the organisation. Who knows they may even go on to be candidates for the Ladies Lodge that meets there too.
The Open Day team will be on hand to answer questions as well as representatives of some of the Newbury Lodges.

PSA test 2019On the same day between 10 am and 1pm, members of the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust will be on hand to take blood samples which will be analysed to determine your PSA level. PSA or Prostate-specific Antigen is present in small quantities in men with healthy prostates but elevated levels can indicate prostate disorders, including prostate cancer. If detected early enough, 84% of men survive 10 or more years. There are several Berkshire Masons who have had issues detected through this testing over the past years and they have been able to get early treatment for their condition.

Whilst men over 50 are particularly at risk, the testing is encouraged for those over 45. As the testing is carried out by a charity, we encourage you to donate to their cause when you have your blood sample taken. The recommended donation is £20.

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