Four of a Kind

2016-05-12 18.16.03Worshipful Master Jeremy Dickins is particularly looking forward to the summer break and a rest before we restart in September. This year we have worked our Master extremely hard with a total of five (yes, five!) initiations with two doubles in the last two meetings. Jeremy started his run as Senior Warden for the Initiation of his nephew, Marc Cox.

Mark Wiltshire

Thanks must go to our Senior Warden, Mark Wiltshire, for his role in introducing these candidates. Mark is a very active member of the Berkshire Provincial Open Day team and has carefully nurtured the interest of these gentlemen, answering all of their questions and waiting for them to be ready to ask to join. As can be seen here, he injects a lot of fun into everything that he does and we have a splendid year ahead of us with him in the Chair.

The Hungerford Lodge is looking forward to a rosy future having completed its move to the Newbury Masonic Centre. We have arranged to dine at the Newbury Royal British Legion Club which is proving a hit with members and visitors alike.  The Lodge and the Royal British Legion were both formed in the years following the first World War. With the closing of a number of local Legion clubs,  our Lodge has grasped the opportunity to support the Newbury branch with both hands. The fact that they are within walking distance of the Newbury Masonic Centre and serve great food at reasonable prices just enhances the pleasure.

During our April meeting, we initiated the second pair of candidates and we were treated to an excellent rendition of the First Degree Working Tools by Marc Cox delivering his first piece of ritual in the Lodge watched by his proud father, Peter Cox (Secretary) and Uncle Jeremy.

If you would like to find out more about Freemasonry and live or work in Hungerford, Newbury or the surrounding area, please contact us. You never know, you might soon join our Worshipful Master and his Four Aces.

(L to R) Warren Bellinger, Bob Meikle, Jeremy Dickins, Adam Dunn,  Kenny Saxon